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Calorific value utilization

Calorific Value Utilization

The main points

  • Maximum reduction of flue gas losses
  • Increase in efficiency of more than 10% possible
  • Very low NOx values
  • Short amortization time
  • Natural gas and low-sulfur fuel oil can be used as fuels
  • For use on shell boilers

Maximum efficiency, minimum emissions

Firing plants with calorific value technology use the energy content of the fuel up to the limits of physical feasibility. The energy of the fuel can be completely utilized by cooling off the flue gas of a firing plant beyond the dew point. When the temperature falls below the dew point, additional latent heat is released, increasing the efficiency of the process considerably (increases of more than 10% are possible). The higher expense pays for itself quickly and also significantly reduces emission values.

Calorific value solutions from SAACKE are based in general on heat exchangers, which extract heat energy from the flue gas in several stages. While conventional economizer technology strictly avoids exceeding the dew point, however, that is intended and exactly controlled in this process: Liberated energy is used to preheat process water or combustion air, for example. After condensation the flue gas temperature is less than 40°C. Natural gas and low-sulfur light oil are equally well suited as fuels. Emission values are also extremely low.

Shell boilers with firing capacities up to 35 MW are optimally suited for calorific value technology. Depending on the plant environment and which fuel is used, these applications often have potential savings of well over 10%, which means that even new-builds pay for themselves quickly. All SAACKE solutions are based on standardized components and are therefore affordable and low-maintenance. They have been proven thousands of times over in real applications and form the foundation of a customized firing system that ensures high availability. Although the system tests the limit of what is physically feasible, it is as mature and reliably as all SAACKE products.