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Kane International

Combustion Analysers and Gas Leak Detectors

Established in 1963, Kane International Ltd designs and manufactures portable test and measurement equipment in the UK. Products are marketed worldwide through a network of national distributors.

Kane International Ltd has been based in Welwyn Garden City for most of its existence and has a long history and broad experience in the design, development and manufacture of portable test equipment.

The vast majority of its products are designed and developed by its in-house team using the latest mechanical and electronic development tools.
Portable flue gas analysers are used to measure both the efficiency of combustion and the levels of pollutant gases. Improving the efficiency of a combustion process can not only make significant financial savings but also help to reduce atmospheric pollution. Analysers range from single gas pocket analysers to portable multi-gas data logging units for semi-continuous monitoring.

KANE Product Registration

Kane Products

Description Details
PDT 550

Probe Digital Thermometer


Digital Thermometer

Kane 100

Indoor Air Quality Analyser

Kane 900 Plus

Multi-Gas Emissions Analyser

Kane 940

Multi-Gas Combustion Analyser