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Capacity range

1 – 100 MW


Combusts gases with extremely low heat values from
2.5 MJ / m³ on without a support fuel


Suitable for all heat generators

The main points

  • Ideal for furnace gas and almost all inert waste gases (for example formalin gas)
  • Unmatched low emission values
  • Very low gas inlet pressure possible
  • Absolutely stable flame with a wide control range
  • Very short amortization time
  • Air preheating to 300°C further increases efficiency

Using new fuels and cutting costs

The SSB-LCG swirl burner series converts even lean gases with extremely low heat values into a valuable source of energy, astonishing both engineers and economists. No wonder: Until recently, many lean gases were considered problematic substances and had to be "disposed of" in expensive processes using support fuels.

The technology of the SSB-LCG is simple in principle: A special muffle is installed downstream from a swirl burner (SSB) in which the supercritically swirled lean gas flame burns stably. This process developed by SAACKE works without a support fuel and achieves astonishingly low NOx emission values less than 20 mg/m³.

An SSB is used as the basic burner. To heat up the muffle, it is operated for a short time when it starts with a standard fuel. After that point the lean gas flame burns stably without any additional support fuel and is able to generate valuable heat. In principle it makes no difference which heat generator is used: The SSB-LCG is equally suitable for combustion chambers, water-tube boiler and flame tube boilers. Lean gas shows it's potential in this case for saving significant quantities of standard fuel and reducing the impact on the environment.

Because the gas does not flow in until downstream from the actual burner, the gas pressure can also be pleasantly low, thereby reducing plant expenses even before commissioning. Air preheating up to 300°C can make operation significantly more economical. Special designs can utilize up to four gases and one liquid fuel. Firing with the SSB-LCG is not at all inflexible during operation. On the contrary, it can be easily and reliably controlled just as with a conventional burner. The control range for every application is astonishingly wide, with extremely low emission values at each firing rate.

What if the lean gas is only available intermittently? No problem. In this case the burner acts like a standard SSB and combusts standard fuels cleanly and economically.

The high energy efficiency and low maintenance cost represent the results of decades of continuous development work.

With all its flexibility, the SSB-LCG is uncompromising in just two attributes: high quality and extremely long service life.