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Capacity range

1 – 6.5 MW


Heavy oil, bio oil and other high-viscosity liquids


Marine, flame tube and thermal oil boilers

The main points

  • Sturdy monoblock design based on rotary cup atomizer technology proven thousands of times over
  • Affordable burners with a short delivery time and long service life
  • Large control range
  • Integrated fan optimally adapted to the burner
  • Optionally available with water injection for especially low-dust combustion
  • High efficiency, low maintenance costs and long service life
  • Fast, uncomplicated planning, mounting and commissioning
  • In compliance with European directives and requirements of ship classification societies

Reliable monoblock burner for operation on land and on ships

When it comes to safely and efficiently converting heavy oil into heat, the first choice is rotary cup atomizer burners. Monoblock burners such as the SKVJ-M are especially suitable for this purpose in the low and medium capacity range. This series features robust rotary cup atomizer technology with a perfectly coordinated fan, an electronically controlled preheater and a precise oil pressure controller, all combined in the casing. The fuel pressure and temperature upstream from the burner can also be low in this case, which reduces operating costs considerably.

The uncomplicated design of the combustion system make it not only highly available, but also very economical due to minimum maintenance and downtimes. And of course the burner combusts the fuel that is used leaving no residue while also complying with low emission limits. The integrated air flow allows for adaptation to different furnaces.

However, the SKVJ-M combusts not only heavy oil, but also bio oil and other high-viscosity liquids. With optionally available water injection, the dust content of the flue gas for fuels with high asphalt content can be reduced still further.

All variants are delivered ready to be connected and are easy to mount and place in operation. Because it is greatly standardized across all sizes, the SKVJ-M is also especially affordable with quick delivery times. No matter which size is used with which fuel, the rugged design of the SKVJ-M always make it a secure investment for the future.

The high energy efficiency and low maintenance cost represent the results of decades of continuous development work.

With all its flexibility, the SKVJ-M is uncompromising in just two attributes: high quality and extremely long service life.