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Capacity range

4 – 17.3 MW


Gas, light oil, heavy oil and bio oil


All commonly used heat generators and furnace geometries

The main points:

  • Sturdy, modular design based on rotary cup atomizer technology proven thousands of times over
  • Even super-heavy oil can be combusted with no problems
  • Very large control range for liquid and gaseous fuels
  • Reliable compliance with strict emission limit values due to low-NOx technology
  • Optionally available with water injection for especially low-dust combustion
  • Integrated fan optimally adapted to the burner
  • High efficiency, low maintenance costs and long service life
  • Standardized design ensures short planning and delivery times
  • Uncomplicated mounting and commissioning
  • In compliance with European directives and requirements of ship classification societies

Compact burners based on rotary cup atomizer technology

The SKVG-A rotary cup atomizer series combines proven rotary cup atomizer technology with the advantages of a compact burner. The burners and fans are optimally adapted to each other ex works. Each unit is fully mounted and ready on delivery. This reduces installation planning and mounting to a minimum. The burners of this series are suitable for all commonly used furnaces and can also be used with problematic fuels with outstanding results. Of course the emission values fall below even the strictest limits.

All oil components are heated and designed for operation with super-heavy fuel oils. Even unpurified oils and biogenic fuels are no problem for the SKVG-A, underscoring the strength of its sturdy design.

The gas variant is equally versatile and sturdy: It is based on the parallel flow principle and offers fuel gradation with two gas flows for an especially wide control range. If necessary, the SKVG-A can also utilize biogas cleanly and efficiently.

In the dual fuel version the SKVG-A can combust either gas or oil with identical control ranges, which makes firing especially flexible. This makes it possible to use the most favorable fuel depending on the market situation, converting it into heat with the reliability, availability and efficiency you have come to expect from SAACKE.

The standardized, modular design of the burner is a great advantage for projects with tight planning schedules, saving valuable time in planning, mounting and commissioning. This cuts costs for the firing plant before it is even started the first time. The SKVG-A is frugal in operation with impressive performance, for example complete burnout at each firing rate, high availability and minimum maintenance and downtimes.

The high energy efficiency and low maintenance cost represent the results of decades of continuous development work.

With all its flexibility, the SKVG-A is uncompromising in just two attributes: high quality and extremely long service life.