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se@vis compact

The main points

  • Automatic firing sequence controller for 2 fuels with 4 operating modes
  • Electronic compound regulation with 8 channels
  • BUS coupling for uncomplicated mounting in process control systems and remote control systems
  • 3.5", 5.7" or 10.4" touch screen enables simple operation and clear overview
  • Up to 4 integrated controllers for capacity, O2 content in flue gas
  • Controls water injection in heavy oil firing operation mode
  • Integrated operating and initial value fault message system reduces service costs
  • Certified safety with SIL 3 according to IEC 61508
  • Complies with Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and EU Gas Appliances Regulation (EU/2016/426)

Compact burner control system and visualization

se@vis compact offers the range of functions and the advantages of a "large" control unit in a small package. It allows you to control even extensive process combustion systems safely, accurately, and cost-effectively, without having to forgo the convenience of plant visualization. The integrated touch screen displays relevant information, ensuring simple and quick operation for the entire firing process.

The FSC basic unit and the HMI touch screen make up the essential elements of the control unit. In the basic version, they feature 8 fail-safe channels, 4 operating modes, and up to 4 integrated controllers. The 8 channels are each so finely designed with 2000 increments that air dampers, fuel valves, and the fan speed can be set particularly accurately. The drives are se@vis servomotors (FSM), which can be exchanged quickly and with no possibility of error thanks to integrated electronics and a newly developed driven shaft.

The 3.5", 5.7" or 10.4" touch screen visualizes, for example, steam pressure or supply temperature, burner capacity, or the O2 content of the flue gas. The touchscreen not only displays data: A press of a button provides you with trends and information on operating hours or burner starts per day. The similarly integrated initial value fault message system documents fault messages and makes troubleshooting in the system quick and efficient.

Even in the basic version, the se@vis compact is astonishingly multifaceted and suitable for almost any application. For example, it contains a cooling program for systems in which the burner needs to be protected against the heat radiating from the furnace, or it can warm heat generators gently, thereby considerably extending the service life of the plant.

If required, the se@vis compact can be easily expanded to the next-largest control unit, the se@vis pro. This opens up numerous options such as simultaneous firing and coal dust firing. Like all se@vis variants, the se@vis compact also complies with the Pressure Equipment Directive and the EU Gas Appliances Regulation and guarantees certified safety with SIL 3 according to IEC 61508.