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se@vis eco

seavis eco

Special features

  • Preconfigured and ready for use immediately
  • Automatic leak test of solenoid gas valves
  • Certified safety with SIL 3 according to IEC 61508

The main points:

  • Suitable for all SAACKE burners
  • Preconfigured and ready for use immediately
  • For individual burners with mechanical compound regulation
  • Separate safety interlock circuits for oil, gas, and general safety elements
  • Automatic leak test of solenoid gas valves
  • Optional: Purge suppression
  • Automatic firing sequence controller in accordance with DIN 298 and DIN 230
  • Complies with the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and Gas Appliances Directive 90/396/EEC
  • Certified safety with SIL 3 according to IEC 61508

The small control unit with big performance

The new SAACKE automatic firing sequence controller seavis eco is small and especially affordable – but even in the basic configuration it still offers complete flexibility for demanding combustion plants and considerable expansion possibilities. seavis eco is suitable for any SAACKE burner with mechanical compound regulation and for use of up to two fuels. Because it is based on preconfigured components, it is not only very safe and reliable operationally but can also be used immediately.

The fail-safe seavis FSC basic unit forms the core of the seavis eco. It is compact, light, and can be placed in almost any position in the combustion system. This is where all the pieces come together: The FSC analyses the signals from the safety interlock circuit and the flame detection system, controls purging, initiates ignition, and monitors the burner as it runs in controlled firing operation.

Communication with other system components is also particularly flexible thanks to PROFIBUS and numerous other protocols. This means that seavis eco is ideally suited for remote control. The basic device is parameterized ready for connection and installation, and ready for use in a flash. Time-consuming commissioning with tedious parameterizing and programming is a thing of the past.

If necessary, the control unit can also be completely expanded: With just a few adjustments the seavis eco automatic firing sequence controller can be transformed into a convenient burner control system with electronic compound regulation (seavis compact) or a comprehensive burner management system with large touch screen (seavis pro).

The seavis eco is uncompromising when it comes to safety: Like all seavis control units, it goes without saying that it complies with the Gas Appliances Directive and the Pressure Equipment Directive, and offers certified safety in SIL 3 according to IEC 61508. In other words, if it is a question of controlling individual burners safely and cost-effectively, this little automatic firing sequence controller also has no problem with larger tasks.