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Customized control systems

Customized Control Systems

The main points:

  • Customized control solutions for all plants
  • High level of standardization ensures affordable solutions
  • Use of proven seavis components and programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • Exact control increases efficiency
  • Visualization adapted to the plant minimizes downtimes
  • Experienced engineering team guarantees fast, lean project phase

Customized burner and plant control systems

Because no combustion system is like another, SAACKE considers each plant individually and customizes the control unit for the specific case if necessary. All this precision pays off: It often saves considerable quantities of fuel in operation, improves operating characteristics and reduces stress on the environment. The costs always remain within limits because all solutions are based on standard components. A customized burner control system created in this manner is not only highly available, but also increases the efficiency of the entire process.

Because the entire seavis family is able to communicate with other parts of the plant via bus protocols (e.g. Profibus), it is also ideally suited for complex plants in which the process control systems are responsible for control and visualization of various subsections.

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are a perfect complement to seavis and offer extensive, plant-specific functions. In this area as well, SAACKE provides not only hardware and software, but also competent engineering with experienced development teams. That ensures solutions in every project phase that are fast and above all perfectly adapted, which pay for themselves even before initial commissioning. How well the customized control system works is shown in operation: With precise control and minimized downtimes, the optimized combustion system performs better and costs less overall.