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Waste incineration (Waste to Energy)

Waste Incineration

Waste disposal is a growing problem in Europe and many other regions of the world. Existing waste disposal sites are not adequate for the growing amount of waste because there is not enough space available. Storage of residual waste at sites without thermal pretreatment is now also prohibited in many places because of the environmental pollution associated with it. Because of these two factors, waste incineration is playing an increasingly significant role. SAACKE offers burners for waste incineration plants since 40 years with startup and support function to permit clean, thermal use of the waste while simultaneously reducing environmental pollution thanks to low-NOx technology. Because the waste is converted into energy by making thermal use of it, the term "waste to energy" is increasingly used in Germany to describe waste incineration plants.

SAACKE offers you:

  • Reliable and sturdy startup and support burners
  • Low-NOx burners
  • Burners with low cooling air requirement in standby mode

Waste incineration plants with reliable and low-emission firing systems

Special requirements are placed on startup and support burners for waste boilers: They must be sturdy and reliable, and they must be ready to use without complications when they are needed. Emission output and cooling air requirements should also be as low as possible. SAACKE offers you two products in the SSB and DDZG burner series that meet these requirements exactly.

To keep emission values as low as possible, light oil and increasingly natural gas as well are used as fuels for preheating waste boilers. SAACKE burners combust these fuels so that they produce very low CO emissions in the furnace. The flue gas flows are mixed continuously and evenly by the flames and a uniform temperature level is established in the entire furnace.

Both burners have the advantage that the cooling air requirement in standby mode is very low. This ensures that the waste incineration process is affected as little as possible.

SAACKE's decades of experience in designing burners for waste incineration plants pays off for you especially in the reliability of the products: You can rely on the burners always being ready for use when they are needed, even after weeks in standby mode.