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Steel and metal production

Steel and Metal Industry

Problems are associated with producing energy through the use of by-products that accumulate in many processes in the steel and metal industry and in pig iron production. Lean gases such as furnace gas or converter gas typically have low heat values with fluctuating composition. Coke gas, on the other hand, has a high heat value, but because of its high water content and tar soiling it is not easy to combust. SAACKE has developed special technologies for these fuels and the know-how to utilize their thermal potential beyond what was previously possible, all with low emissions.

SAACKE offers you:

  • Burners for coke gas, converter gas, corex gas, furnace gas, etc.
  • Combustion plants that use gases with low heat values
  • Combustion plants for auxiliary and secondary boilers
  • Hot gas generators for drying
  • Combustion systems for heating defrosting halls

SSB-LCG series combusts lean gases cleanly and efficiently

Furnace gas is created during the production of pig iron in the blast furnace process, or as it is known in the corex process, "corex gas". These lean gases can be used in conventional three-pass boilers and on larger water-tube boilers with multiple burners.

The SSB-LCG series of swirl burners developed by SAACKE includes products designed specifically to use lean gases. They combust fuels with very low heat values with a stable flame without the need for an additional support fuel. Because the pressure requirement for the fuel gas is very low, about 10 mbar, an SSB-LCG also allows for considerable savings on electrical energy. No additional fan is needed to increase the pressure. Naturally the SSB-LCG series also features impressive low emission values: CO emissions are less than 10 ppm, while NOx values are usually less than 50 mg/m³.

The SSB-LCG series is also ideally suited for drying carried out as part of the corex process. Lean gas that accumulates during the process can also be used in this case together with a SAACKE hot gas generator.

Converter gas is created in converters when iron is processed to become steel. This gas accumulates discontinuously with fluctuating compositions and heat values. Ultra-modern instrumentation and control systems can also be used with an SSB-LCG for thermal utilization of this lean gas.

Another quality of the SSB-LCG makes it an ideal burner to use with unpurified coke gas as well: Since there are no small nozzles in this burner, it is very insensitive to dirt. This makes it possible for an SSB-LCG to use unpurified coke gas as a startup fuel or as an alternative fuel to furnace gas. A burner from the SKVG rotary cup atomizer series can also be used for combustion of cleaned coke gas.

SAACKE also offers a solution well suited to a special application of the steel and metal industry: SAACKE hot gas generators are used to heat defrosting halls for frozen freight trains. An SSB-LCG is used for combustion. In this case as well, cost-intensive standard fuels can be largely replaced by lean gases or other by-products, leading to a significant reduction in operating costs.