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Energy and heat suppliers

Energy and District Heat Suppliers

Rising environmental awareness has led to reductions in statutory emissions limits over recent years. In order to comply with the new limits, many power supply companies and municipal utilities urgently need to build new plants or modernize existing plants. SAACKE offers many products and services which will enable you to upgrade your plant to the latest state of the technology, thereby optimizing its emissions and energy consumption.

SAACKE offers you:

  • Highly efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly burners for various designs of steam and hot water generators
  • Efficiency consulting and plant modernization, from problem analysis through planning to mounting and maintenance
  • Burners for new plants for district heat and power generation including gas turbine flue gas burners (GTA) for additional combustion systems in combination processes

SAACKE's products and services are founded on extensive experience in working with energy and electricity generating plants in Germany and abroad.

Heat and power generation – SAACKE will provide you with the right products and all the know-how you need for a new-build or modernization project

New plant construction projects in the energy sector at present mostly combine heat supply and electricity generation. SAACKE has contributed with its products and engineering know-how to ensuring that combined heat and power plants work significantly more effectively than plants which generate only electricity: fuel energy utilization is now 85%, compared to the 40% previously. This substantially reduces CO2 emissions as a result.

SAACKE's latest product in the proven DDZG series for producing heat, the DDZG-LN, was developed in response to the needs of the energy industry. The development of this burner incorporates 25 years' experience in water-tube boiler firing and in handling plants with multiple burners on one boiler. As the latest generation of extreme low-emission, low-NOx combustion systems, this inexpensive burner combusts natural gas and fuel oil efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

SAACKE can provide the right burners for auxiliary boiler systems and emergency cooling systems for any power plant: For smaller boiler plants with a load range of up to 50 metric tons of steam per hour SAACKE offers you the TEMINOX GL pressure atomizer series and the SKVG series of rotary cup atomizers. The DDZG series of steam pressure atomizers is available for larger boiler plants with a load range of more than 50 tons of steam per hour.

SAACKE has perfected the use of pulverized lignite as a cost-effective fuel with the SSB-D from the SSB swirl burner series for medium-size water-tube boiler plants.