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Chemical Industry

There is still unused potential in many areas of the chemical industry for energetic use of by-products and residues which would otherwise be disposed of due to extremely low or greatly fluctuating heat values or problematic nitrogen content. SAACKE has taken on the task of identifying these areas and developing tailor-made solutions for them. SAACKE develops burner systems and combustion plants for this industry that can be used with problematic substances, thereby reducing costs for fossil fuels and disposal. These plants feature low amortization times, the lowest emission values and high availability.

SAACKE offers you:

  • Complete solutions from engineering to the combustion plant, from control and regulating technology to flue gas cleaning
  • Burners for gaseous and liquid fuels, for example vent gases from tank storage terminals, process gases, formalin gases or waste water, that have the lowest or fluctuating heat values (as low as 2 MJ/m3 in gaseous form and 8 MJ/kg in liquid form) or are present in extremely low concentrations
  • Burners with low emissions for fuels with a high content of organic nitrogen

What SAACKE offers – comprehensive, environmentally friendly and cost-saving

SAACKE engineers are specialists when it comes to producing energy by using residues and waste materials and are able to draw from a pool of previously considered and proven solutions. From the concept phase through engineering to problem-free project management, as SAACKE's customer you will receive support in optimizing energy efficiency and meeting high environmental requirements.

The SSB swirl burner has proven to be especially reliable for gaseous and liquid residues with low heat values or greatly fluctuating composition. It features stable combustion and low emissions, often without the additional use of a support fuel.

Combustion residues with high organic nitrogen content are very important in the chemical industry. The combination of a swirl burner from the SSB series with a two-stage combustion chamber can reduce the NOx emissions of your plant by as much as 90 percent compared to a conventional combustion system. Emissions are significantly below the limit values without any secondary measures.

SAACKE can also look back on many years of experience in the combustion of elementary sulfur. SAACKE burners are successfully in use worldwide in sulfuric acid plants.

In addition to innovative burner systems, SAACKE also offers turnkey plants and modernization services: First-class project management ensures smooth processes from detail engineering to commissioning. You can also make use of our extensive range of service offers, including a 24-hour hotline, servicing and repairs, and guaranteed original spare parts – worldwide, round the clock.