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Standard fuels

Standard Fuels

Gas and fuel have been and still are important cornerstones of reliable and affordable heat supply, especially if the need for heat is flexible. Depending on how the heat generator is designed and the necessary capacity or requirements in terms of emission values, each of these standard fuels offers different advantages and is suitable for different applications. Another big advantage is the similar quality of these fuels worldwide, to some extent established in international standards. Fuel oils are described in DIN 51603 and ISO 8217, for example. DIN 2470 as well as EU directive C 296/2 and DVGW worksheet G260 are available for gases. This standardization is indispensable for operating firing plants at low costs and with high availability.

SAACKE has stood for premium, reliable firing plants that efficiently utilize all standard fuels for 80 years. Continuous research and development has paid off for us, yielding a cleaner environment, maximum efficiency and long-lasting superior technology.