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Special liquid fuels

Special Liquid Fuels

Discovering alternatives and thermal utilization

In addition to the standard fuels, light oil and heavy oil, there is also a series of liquid substances containing sufficient energy, with a heat value of more than 15 MJ/kg, to make thermal utilization worthwhile.

These include for example

  • Animal fat
  • Canola oil
  • Soy oil
  • Palm oil/grease
  • Fish oil
  • Glycerin
  • Frying grease
  • Biodiesel
  • Sulfur
  • Silicon oil
  • Numerous unpurified by-products of the chemical industry such as biphenyl acetate (BPA), styrene and toluene

While some of these substances are produced specially for thermal utilization, many accumulate as by-products or are even real "problem substances" that burden the ecological balance and must be disposed of.

They all have a high heat value, but differ in their chemical and physical properties. For example, many special fuels must be preheated to reach a suitable viscosity for combustion or even to become liquid at all. Many are unpurified and due to their fluctuating chemical composition they place high demands on the firing system.

An SKV-SF from the SKVG rotary cup atomizer series would be a good choice in this case. Because parts in contact with media are made of stainless steel, it is able to utilize even high-viscosity and unpurified liquids with a high acid index reliably and ensure the best possible emission values with outstanding burnout.

No matter which burner is used for which fuel, utilization of special fuels is generally a profitable investment, especially if the substance previously had to be disposed of in an expensive process or with the use of an auxiliary fuel instead of producing energy. The new energy source not only provides relief for the budget, but also for the environment.