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Standard Fuels

Gas and fuel oil have been and still are important cornerstones of reliable and affordable heat supply. Depending on how the heat generator is designed and how it operates and the necessary capacity or requirements in terms of emission values, each of these standard fuels offers different advantages and is suitable for different applications.

Low Calorifique Gases

With their extremely low heat values, formalin gas, corex gas, coal gas, CO gas and furnace gas are not suitable for conventional firing. All too often they are "disposed of" with auxiliary fuels even though they could be used as the basis of reliable heat supply. With the right technology, lean gases are suitable for use in almost all heat generators and also guarantee the lowest emission values.

Special Gases

Despite all their differences, refinery gas, coke plant gas, fermentation gas and mine gas all have one thing in common: they place maximum demands on the firing system. With fluctuating chemical composition, water content of up to 70% and discontinuous presence, these gases are indeed problematic, but special SAACKE solutions solve the problems.

Low Calorifique Liquids

Liquid waste materials that accumulate in many processes cannot be utilized thermally (not easily or not at all) with conventional technology due to their low heat values. SAACKE offers proven solutions in this area for thermal utilization of liquids with extremely low heat values – even with fluctuating energy content, high water content and lots of ash.

Special Liquid Fuels

Many industrial by-products are not suitable for conventional firing: They are highly viscous and corrosive; they destroy seals, crack easily, contain lots of ash and ignite poorly. Nevertheless, utilizing their thermal potential often pays for itself twice over, replacing standard fuel and saving disposal costs.

Bio Fuels

Biogenic fuels supplement and replace standard fossil fuels. However, bioethanol, canola oil, CME (canola methyl ester), biogas, fusel oil or glycerin place high and very differing requirements on the firing system. When combined with proven SAACKE technology, however, they become a reliable and clean part of energy supply.

Pulverized Fuels

Pulverized fuels are a less expensive alternative to oil, gas or biogenic energy sources. SAACKE technology produces heat efficiently and reliably at unbeatable low costs, not just with carbon dust, but also with by-products from the wood and paper industry.