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Industrial Solutions

Perfection for industry and the communal heat market

Industrial Combustion Systems

When it comes to boiler and process firing systems, SAACKE offers high-efficiency, low-emission and reliable solutions. That applies to both standard components and plants, and to plants with tailored and modified systems. Standard fuels and more than 50 special fuels are used here – and always geared to the wishes and needs of our customers.

The SAACKE engineers work with the most modern instrumentation and control systems. They offer a wealth of experience and expert know-how. They have the right solution for every fuel and every application. SAACKE also sets new standards when it comes to providing advice on the modernization of existing plants, because the focus is on the whole plant.

Future-oriented combustion systems for boilers

Anyone who operates firing systems in industrial plants, production facilities and in the central heating plants of large buildings needs an efficient and low-emission supply of heat or steam. In addition, high operational reliability and availability are crucial.

That makes it easy to decide in favor of SAACKE. With their typical wide control range and minimum air excess, our firing systems are especially efficient and provide high availability. Furthermore, the low-NOx burner systems developed by us ensure minimum emission values.

SAACKE offers ideal technical solutions for steam boilers (wet steam, saturated steam, superheated steam), hot water generators (low pressure, high pressure) and thermal oil heaters. That applies to the whole capacity range from 1 to 1000 t/h steam and 1 to 100 MW.

SAACKE impresses with sophisticated firing systems for boilers of all kinds. Water tube boilers, shell boilers, quick steam heaters and thermal oil heaters are equipped with proven SAACKE burners.

SAACKE proves performance also for multi-burner plants with, for example, 12 or 18 burners in a common furnace.

SAACKE sets standards in firing technology for all boiler types. They are always a future-oriented investment.

Cutting-edge technology for special process applications

Over the whole capacity range from 1 to 100 MW thermal output, SAACKE provides process engineering applications for flue gas post-treatment using high-temperature processes. Added to this are applications for flue gas scrubbing and the use of by-products or wastes. The high-performance plants from SAACKE are used worldwide in practically all areas of industry – from the foodstuffs industry through the chemicals industry right up to steelworks and refineries.

SAACKE hot gas generators use combustion gases effectively to carry out heat treatment processes, to reheat flue gases and destroy pollutants.

Firing with one combustion chamber is also optimized by SAACKE. Residues are disposed of with low emissions while being used at the same time to generate heat. The use of multi-stage combustion chambers allows a particularly low-NOx combustion, particularly of residues with high organic nitrogen contents.

Energy efficiency and the use of alternative fuels will continue to gain in importance in the future. SAACKE has already geared its research and development activities to meet this trend. Selective investment programs are showing a sustainable effect, resulting at the same time in a wide variety of innovations and new products.

SAACKE plants use the most efficient and least expensive fuels for eco-friendly firing. From biofuels through blast furnace gas right up to waste incineration. SAACKE will be happy to inform you in detail about the savings potentials that your plant has to offer.