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Increasing efficiency and best emission values

Water-tube boilers

Water Tube Boiler

For water-tube boilers SAACKE offers individual burners as well as fittings, burner control systems and complete solutions. You will find the right products and services for a new plant or for modernizing your existing plant with SAACKE. The purpose of all these products and services is to design your water-tube boiler as efficiently and low-emission as possible.

The SAACKE portfolio includes:

  • Burners and firing plants for standard and special fuels, for example lean gas, converter gas or molasses
  • Burners and firing plants with minimum NOx emissions
  • Support and ignition burners for fluidized bed boiler
  • Modernization of existing boiler systems by installing new burners and/or other modernization measures

New boiler systems: the right burner for every fuel

SAACKE steam pressure atomizers are recommended when standard fuels are used. Burners of the DDZG series, especially the DDZG-LN (ultra-low NOx), combust natural gas and heavy or light heating oil extremely efficiently and with low emissions. With adapted engineering, these burners are also ideal as startup and support burners for fluidized bed boilers. Special advantages include a sturdy design and low CO emissions in startup operation mode.

Firing systems on water-tube boiler plants can also be operated with alternative fuels thanks to the series SSB swirl burner. SAACKE offers you the SSB-D as a carbon dust burner and the SSB-LCG for use with lean gases. Both burners feature problem-free compliance with statutory emission values.

Plant modernization: make your plant fit for the future

SAACKE's modernization services go beyond simply delivering a new low-NOx burner. SAACKE also offers you complete solutions for your overall plant and will find the optimum solutions to boost the efficiency of your plant.

Where are water-tube boilers used?

Water-tube boilers are used in a wide range of industries, for example in energy and district heating supply or the paper industry. Over the 30 to 40-year service life of a boiler system, the burners will have to be modernized several times to meet the requirements of current emission standards, especially for NOx. The same rule applies to both new and modernized plants: a low-NOx firing system at the latest state of the technology is absolutely necessary!