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Modern low-NOx burners for almost every fuel

Shell boilers

Modern low-NOx burners for almost every fuel

SAACKE's products for operators of shell boilers include standardized burners for a wide range of fuels, from conventional to special, such as BPA (a liquid by-product of the plastic production process) or animal fat. SAACKE also offers customized complete solutions and various measures for modernizing and increasing the efficiency of your plant.

The SAACKE portfolio includes:

  • Burners and firing plants for standard and special fuels, for example biogas, lean gas, glycerin or animal fat
  • Burners and firing plants with minimum emissions
  • Modernization of existing boiler plants by installing new burners and/or additional modernization measures such as speed control, O2 control or the use of the latest control technology

Modern low-NOx burners for almost every fuel

SAACKE offers various burners for shell boilers. Burners of the TEMINOX GL pressure atomizer series combust light heating oil and natural gas, while burners of the SKVG-A rotary cup atomizer series also burn heavy heating oil. The SKV-SF rotary cup atomizer from the SKVG series is SAACKE's solution for special fuels such as animal fat, glycerin or BPA. Incidentally, all the SAACKE burners listed here can also burn biogas in addition or be operated exclusively with biogas.

The SAACKE portfolio also includes a burner that is specially designed for combusting lean gases, the SSB-LCG.

SAACKE burners with their typical large control range and minimum air excess are especially efficient and provide high availability.

Plant modernization: measures to increase efficiency and lower emissions

One option for adapting existing plants to modified legal requirements is to replace the burners. If plants are already equipped with SAACKE burners, on the other hand, there is often no need to replace the firing system to boost efficiency or lower emissions. The seavis efficiency monitor from SAACKE allows you to analyze your existing plant easily. By doing this you can discover potential savings and approaches to lowering emissions. This SAACKE product was specially developed for operators of shell boiler plants.

SAACKE's modernization modules take their cue from the potential approaches indicated by the analysis of the overall plant. For example the control and regulation of a plant can be improved with a seavis control unit, and flue gas recirculation can be retrofitted to optimize your plant in terms of emissions. SAACKE also offers measures for increasing your energy efficiency. Retrofitting economizers, O2 control units and air preheaters makes it possible to tap the full capacity of your plant more efficiently; a frequency converter for a fan reduces power consumption.

To increase the efficiency of a plant, however, you need not only the right products, but also comprehensive plant expertise. SAACKE engineers always have the overall system in view, so they can solve every technical challenge and achieve optimum results.

Where are shell boilers used?

Shell boilers, also called flame tube boilers or flue tube boilers, are a robust type of boiler with a long service life. Due to their water/steam volume, they can respond especially well to fluctuating load conditions and capacity peaks. Modern shell boilers, which may be single or double Cornish boilers, cover the capacity requirements up to 60 t/h of steam with pressures up to 30 bar. They are used in almost all sectors of industry to generate (district) heat or process steam.

The expected service life of a shell boiler is 30 to 40 years. That means the firing system will have to be modernized two or three times on average over that period to meet increasingly stricter statutory emission limit values.