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SAACKE products offer optimum safety and reliability

Plant automation

Plant Automation

SAACKE's portfolio includes a series of control components and systems that can be used for plant automation. All these systems have one thing in common: they ensure maximum ease of use and operational safety. The only differences are in terms of operating and visualization options as well as availability, since SAACKE always offers the right solution for your individual requirements with modularly constructed control systems.

Automatic firing sequence controller, burner management system, PLC solution

Our range of products includes control units extending from the simple automatic firing sequence controller to burner management systems and beyond to complex PLC solutions.

This includes intelligent control processes, for example an energy-saving mode of operation that makes it possible to correct the fuel to air ratio when it is affected by external influences, thereby ensuring optimum combustion.

What does plant automation mean?

As requirements for the efficiency and safety of firing plants have increased, the importance of plant automation has also grown. It is therefore critical for the control components and systems that are used to meet the requirements for modern control technology optimally and also not to come up short in terms of safety technology.