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Drying processes

Drying Processes

Drying processes offered by SAACKE include hot gas generators and matching burners for an extremely wide range of fuels. SAACKE has decades of experience in firing systems for drying processes and is therefore able to offer you the right low-NOx solutions for standard and special fuels, such as the extremely efficient hot gas generators. These generators can be designed as brick-lined combustion chambers with a double shell or for low-temperature applications in an all-steel design. We always keep increased efficiency and environmental responsibility in focus when developing firing plants.

The SAACKE portfolio includes:

  • Hot gas generators with standard fuels for

    • Phosphate drying

    • Potassium and sodium chloride drying

    • Gypsum drying and calcination

    • REA gypsum and fly ash dryingvolantes.

    • Other thermal treatment of substances in entrained flow dryers or fluid bed dryers, fluidized beds or other process-based devices

  • Hot gas generators with dust burners for

    • Ore drying

    • Sugar beet pulp drying

    • Gypsum drying and calcination

    • Sand drying (also for asphalt mixing plants)

    • Particle board drying

  • Hot gas generators with lean gas burners for

    • Iron ore pelletizing plants

    • Pulverizing mills (PCI process in the steel industry)

    • Mill drying plants for smelting furnace slag

CCS-HT and CCS-LT hot gas generators: flexibility with maximum output

SAACKE developed the CCS-HT hot gas generator for direct drying processes. This standardized hot gas generator for high-temperature applications operates over a load range of 1 MW to 56 MW. It can be operated with a wide range of fuels and combined with different burner types.

The CCS-LT hot gas generator is available in an all-steel model for low temperatures. It is designed for a load range from 2 to 90 MW.

Burners for drying processes

CCS hot gas generators can be combined with different SAACKE burners and thereby operated with various fuels: The SKVG series of rotary cup atomizer is used for combustion of heating oil and natural gas. The SSB-LCG from the SSB swirl burner series is designed for combustion of lean gases and is therefore suitable for coal mill drying or pellet drying plants. The SSB-D dust burner, also from the SSB swirl burner series, is used especially in the sugar industry and in ore drying.

All burners used on hot gas generators can be operated with a high air excess of 60-80% for the best burnout with a wide control range. The high air excess ensures a combustion chamber temperature of about 1400°C, which reduces wear on materials.

Where do drying processes take place?

Direct drying processes are used in many industries, for example in the gypsum industry, the wood processing industry, the sugar, cement and potash industries or the phosphate industry. In this drying process, flue gases from combustion come in direct contact with the material being dried.