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SKVJG-M Monoblock Rotary Cup Burner


Capacity range

0.95 - 3 MW


Heavy fuel oil up to 700 cSt at 50 °C, Marine diesel oil (MDO), marine gas oil (MGO), Natural gas, LPG and LNG (in gas phase)

Control range

(max.) 1:7 (depending on size)

The main points

  • Compact and robust Monoblock Rotary Cup Burner based on rotary cup technology with optional gas combustion
  • Efficient mixed combustion of oil and gas possible
  • Wide control range possible
  • Safe emergency operation due to mechanical compound control of the air and oil actuator
  • Integrated preheaters allow a lower oil temperature at the burner inlet
  • Gas operation can easily be added to retrofits
  • Easy installation, handling and maintenance

Durable and profitable multi-fuel burner

Reliable operation of the combustion system is an important basis for shipowners‘ financial success. The further development of SAACKE‘s rotary cup technology tried and tested over decades offers a reliable solution: the compact and extremely robust SKVJG-M Monoblock Rotary Cup Burner allows the use of the high viscosity fuels common in the industry. The larger control range of the rotary cup compared to other technologies increases the maximum efficiency of the combustion system. Depending on the fuel, the SKVJG-M is available as a burner for purely liquid fuels or as a combined burner for gaseous fuels. Simultaneous operation of oil and gas for the thermal utilisation of excess residual materials during gas freeing and gas up as well as direct thermal utilisation of boil-off gas is possible.

Easy installation, handling and maintenance distinguish the SKVJG-M, making it a durable and profitable investment for new installations or retrofits. In addition, the burner has a sophisticated safety concept. This allows emergency operation even if the automatic burner control unit fails thanks to the mechanical fuel/air ratio control.