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Compact combustion chamber for high temperature applications



2 – 40 MW


Natural gas (special gases and low calorific fuels on request)


For hot gas generation, waste gas and exhaust gas disposal

The main points

  • Low weight and extremely compact dimensions
  • Natural gas (special gases and low calorific fuels on request)
  • Variable mixed gas / mixed air quantity
  • Wide control range
  • Robust, durable construction
  • Homogeneous temperature profile
  • Low radiation losses
  • Highly efficient SAACKE combustion technology
  • State-of-the-art control technology with the se@vis combustion manager

Full performance with compact dimensions

If space is limited, the hot gas generators of the CCS-HTcompact series are often the first choice. The CCS-HTcompact consists of a double steel shell, lined with refractory bricks inside. Optimised for natural gas combustion systems, a SAACKE SSB-G is used as the burner, which generates a moderate combustion chamber temperature thanks to a high excess of air, guarantees perfect burnout and thus very low emissions. Its high control range also allows adaptation to all application profiles. In combination with a sophisticated furnace geometry in the combustion chamber, an extremely homogeneous temperature profile between 600 and 1,000 °C is produced at the outlet of the hot gas generator. The mixed air enters the double shell tangentially, flows between the inner and outer shell and is mixed with the hot gas with a high mixing pulse at the end of the combustion chamber. Thus it cools the steel shell, reduces radiation losses and simultaneously precisely adjusts the temperature of the hot gas. Thanks to the compact dimensions, the total weight of the hot gas generator is reduced. Taking customer requirements into account in conjunction with SAACKE Engineering, the CCS-HTcompact impresses with its flexible range of applications, performance and economy.