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Burners for gas turbine flue gas

DDZG GT lance burners in register design

Capacity range

Heat capacity: 10 – 100 MW



Natural gas, biogas, special gases, fuel oil EL, fuel oil S, liquid special fuels


Waste heat and water-tube boilers, insulated combustion chambers with downstream flue gas heat exchangers, heating turbine flue gases in power plants, drying plants, heating process air

The main points

  • Compact installation on several levels possible
  • No requirements for GT flow ratios
  • Space-saving plant configuration
  • Very wide control range
  • Low pressure loss
  • Minimum effect on turbine efficiency
  • Low emission level
  • GTA operation / fresh air operation / additional fresh air operation

Flexible firing in register arrangement

The DDZG steam pressure atomizer series is sturdy, proven and variable. It can be adapted to numerous requirements and therefore forms the basis of the DDZG GT channel burner series. In this design, the burner has a windbox through which either turbine fuel gas or fresh air can flow.

This windbox can be designed either as a conventional windbox with control dampers or as a windbox with a drum slide. In both variants the air enters on the side, which allows for an especially compact arrangement of the burner, for example on two levels or if limited installation space is available for the plant.

While flue gas and fresh air are controlled conventionally in the variant with control dampers, the same media flow axially through the unit in variants with slide drum. This design is both robust and precise, while an arrangement with dampers also makes it possible to install two or more burners on one windbox.

All variants of the DDZ GT are suitable for flue gas temperatures of up to 620 °C. They have very low pressure loss and a large control range. They can be accurately controlled and ensure precisely metered heat input into the heat generator, even in simultaneous firing mode between GTA and fresh air.

The emission values are pleasantly low, with the long maintenance intervals and service life typical for SAACKE.

With all its flexibility, the DDZ GT is uncompromising in just two attributes: high quality and extremely long service life.