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SAACKE is tackling digital transformation in cooperation with researchers and is initiating best practice dialog

Industry 4.0: On the way to the digital future, SAACKE is relying on communication with other companies and is focusing on its customers... [more]


COSCO und SAACKE vereinbaren Kooperation zur Schiffsausrüstung mit Abgasreinigungsanlagen

Scrubber-Auslieferungen unter dem Namen COSAACKE


New Managing Director at SAACKE GmbH

Bernd Hetterscheidt takes on management of the international manufacturer of combustion technology


SAACKE GmbH opens branch office in Singapore

Fast and efficient project implementation for SAACKE customers through proximity to Asian offshore markets


Optimum scrubber planning with the SAACKE EGCS Configurator

New pH value calculation model reduces operating costs


SAACKE Hybrid Multistream Scrubber System: certified for zero-discharge operation

IMO-compliant Exhaust Gas Cleaning System in use on the tanker MT Levana for a year


SAACKE LONOX UCC System already complies with future Chinese emission limits

Nitrogen oxide emissions < 30 mg/m³ based on 3.0% dry O2 certified by the German TÜV


Low emissions even for a very high nominal output

SAACKE GmbH receives a major order to deliver burners to upgrade Polish power stations


Refinery conversion: flexible and efficient expansion to simultaneous co-firing

SAACKE GmbH upgrades the centerpiece of H&R Ölwerke Schindler GmbH in Hamburg


ANGUS Chemie inaugurates an innovative plant for waste material combustion

SAACKE GmbH commissioned combustion plant to increase efficiency / symbolic handover


SAACKE GmbH receives initial order from the JGC Corporation for FLNG

Delivery of a high temperature water boiler system by May 2015


SAACKE Exhaust Gas Cleaning System: Analyze emissions with the EGCS-Monitor

Live surveillance and optimization using data cloud storage, also possible from land


DNV GL classifies the SAACKE hybrid multistream scrubber system

Classification increases planning certainty for exhaust gas scrubber operators


SAACKE Marine Systems presents an innovative 2-in-1 boiler solution

The low-emission CMB-VF-LONOX revolutionizes multi-boiler systems for a range of ship types


SAACKE Marine Systems supplies Gas Combustion Units for two LNG tankers

Imabari Shipbuilding receives a GCU 350 and a SSB-LCG burner for each ship


13. BImSchV (German Federal Emission Control Ordinance) contains challenges for combustion plant operators

There is a need for action within the German small and mid-sized business sector / SAACKE solution lowers emissions without reducing output.


Carl Büttner Shipmanagement will be using innovative exhaust gas purification technology from SAACKE

Tanker MT Levana is being refitted / upstream soot separation offers advantages over conventional solutions


SAACKE GmbH wins order for gas combustion units for six LNG tankers

Free flow process decisive for Chinese shipyard Hudong-Zhonghua and ship owner CS-LNG


Energy efficiency and environmental protection go hand in hand

The Ibbenbüren company ANGUS Chemie GmbH today heralded the start of construction for a new firing plant with a groundbreaking ceremony on... [more]


Combined heat and power installation redefined

SAACKE GmbH is breaking new ground with an extremely efficient combination of micro turbines and firing plants for combined heat and power... [more]


New manual on energy efficiency

"A better use of energy – a practical handbook for combustion" is the title of a new reference manual for engineers, service technicians... [more]