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SAACKE and Angus Chemie seal partnership for environmental protection and efficiency

SAACKE and ANGUS Chemie sealed a trendsetting partnership on March 1st. A plant for recovering energy from the residue of chemical production at Angus Chemie will be built in Ibbenbüren. Groundbreaking is planned for July 2013.

Everyone involved is pleased with this important step for the plant and the successful continuation of a long partnership.

"Just outside the plant gates, a low-emission and highly efficient incinerator will generate process steam in the future. We will then be able to replace 85 percent of the natural gas previously required for production", according to Thomas Blome, plant manager in Ibbenbüren. "This brings us one step closer to realizing our goal of make our circuits at this location as self-contained as possible." We will also eliminate long transport routes through Germany and expensive disposal of production residues.

SAACKE, a leader in the burner and firing system industry, had previously developed a concept specially customized for ANGUS Chemie in 2010. "Angus was very quickly impressed by our technology", recalls Bernhard Rieger, who specializes in the requirements of the chemical industry at SAACKE. "But the size and complexity of the construction project required something more. Designing the agreement was new terrain for both of us. We ran through several variants until we had the optimum solution for both sides. We will now accompany each step of the project from design through to commissioning as general contractor. Angus will be in charge of construction."

"Cooperation with SAACKE was marked by fairness and a good partnership relation from the very beginning. Ultimately the key to success was our preliminary cooperative work", emphasized Thomas Blome. He has led the project now since 2007 – the old plant was showing its age and was much too small. "SAACKE technology is above all economical. Previously we had to shut down both boilers at least every six weeks and clean them out with a broom. We weren't able to restart the boilers until they had been down for three days", explained Thomas Blome.

The sophisticated concept makes it possible for the plant to produce energy even from residue with very low heat values – in full compliance of all statutory emission requirements. Flue gas cleaning and the latest technology in the convenient controller ensure safe and reliable operation. Around the clock, 365 days a year.

With the new energy recovery plant, the factory is fitted for the future. The parent group of ANGUS Chemie, Dow, has been focused on integrated residue management for quite some time as a way to achieve greater resource efficiency and environmental protection. Thus the new plant is also an investment in the future viability of the Ibbenbüren facility.

The new cooperative agreement between SAACKE and ANGUS Chemie is also a success story for ACHEMA, the international meeting point of the chemical industry in Frankfurt every three years. The first meeting with the ANGUS Chemie management team took place in 2009. SAACKE will make a presentation in Frankfurt again in June 2012.

The new 11-MW plant combines smart engineering and a high-tech design. Two-stage combustion ensures low-emission use of residues containing nitrogen. The very low requirement for supporting fuel guarantees economical operation and a short amortization time.

The next step is to make a case for environmental compatibility with regulatory authorities. Bernhard Rieger is optimistic: "We have been very cautious in all our calculations. But we are certain we can surprise them with even lower emissions in operation." In this way the factory would also be equipped for further tightening of emission requirements in the future.

Further information is available from:

Bernhard Rieger
Chemical Sales/Refineries
Südweststr. 13
28237 Bremen, Germany

Phone no.: +49 421 6495 5257

ANGUS Chemie GmbH Ibbenbüren

ANGUS Chemie GmbH in Ibbenbüren, Germany, a leading manufacturer of special chemicals, was acquired by Dow in 1999. The factory in Ibbenbüren was built in 1973. About 60 employees work in the facility with an area of about 11 hectares (27 acres). ANGUS specializes in the production of amino alcohols. They serve as precursors or additives for medicines and cosmetics as well as preservative agents for water-based paints and lacquers.
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