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FPSO conversion successfully completed – BW NISA now Petrobras P-63

SAACKE Marine Systems provides a complete plant system and global project management for customer Bergesen Worldwide Off shore

"The completion of this very challenging international project is a joint success of the global SAACKE group."
Matthias Flies – Project manager SAACKE Marine Systems

The oil-producing region Papa Terra near Rio de Janeiro is located some 110 kilometers off the Brazilian coast and up to 1,400 meters deep. 350 million barrels of oil are to be pumped here by 2030. For this purpose, Bergesen Worldwide Offshore (BWO) converted the supertanker BW Nisa into the FPSO unit P-63 in a joint project with SAACKE. SAACKE has completed several projects in the past for the second largest FPSO operator in the world, with which BWO was always extremely satisfied in terms of quality and plant emission levels.

Customer from Europe – refit in Asia – usage in South America

Besides the operative modernization, global project management from a single source was crucial. How should the plant modules be designed? How should the material flows be arranged? These are questions that are particularly important given the lack of space on a ship. The international coordination, the engineering in Bremen, the production in China and Croatia, the assembly in the Chinese shipyard, and the commissioning in the Brazilian region of Rio Grande – the scope of the P-63 project required the involvement of the entire SAACKE group.

Project Details

Task Solution
Conversion of a supertanker into a FPSO unit using energy-efficient and low-emission equipment as well as global project management. Re-tubing two boilers from the existing propulsion system and three Dual Fuel DDZG burners including new fittings, controls and steam system instruments.

Technical data

Boiler type 2 Foster Wheeler „Monowall“ ESD III
Burner type 3 x DDZG 10 per boiler
Burner capacity 3 x 22,7 MW per boiler
Fuel MDO, heavy oil, fuel gas
Steam super-heater outlet 62,8 bar/g at 515 °C
Steam generation (after upgrade) Max. 75 t/h per boiler
Design pressure 75,5 bar/g
Burner control range 1:6

The SAACKE solution in detail

SAACKE modernized the boiler system for the ship‘s existing propulsion system, to make it seaworthy for the two-month passage from the Chinese shipyard to Rio Grande, near the oil-producing region. For this purpose, the two existing 75 t/h boilers were stripped and re-tubed. To generate the process steam required for FPSO operation at the usage site, the boilers were equipped with three Dual Fuel DDZG burners each, including new fittings, steam system instruments and controls (fail safe PLC system). The SAACKE components are therefore able to generate both superheated steam for the turbine propulsion and the process steam needed for processing and stabilizing the heavy oil on board the ship.


Thanks to state-of-the-art combustion equipment, the FPSO unit P-63 is now ready for 15 to 20 years of service at sea – without dry-docking. The conversion including international project coordination was performed by SAACKE in a close collaboration with the customer. After a transitional phase, the FPSO was handed over to Petrobras, the operator.

All benefits at a glance

  • Global project management from a single source
  • Reliable compliance with the applicable NOX threshold value
  • Extremely efficient combustion technology for propulsion and heavy oil processing
  • Use of different fuels
  • Convenient operation and top availability
  • Broad control range
  • Extremely long lifespan and easy to maintain