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Food Industry

Eliminating odors from the exhaust air that accumulates in the production process plays an important role in the production of sausage, fish and meat products, potato products and tobacco. SAACKE offers combined solutions for exhaust air cleaning and simultaneous use of heat for these processes through postprocessing of foul-smelling by-products. This makes the entire process more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Due to the wide diversity of by-products that can be used, extensive engineering know-how and experience in dealing with alternative fuels is indispensable to achieving optimum solutions. SAACKE has the necessary experience and expertise to be able to offer you complete solutions for thermal post-combustion plants, burners for alternative fuels and hot gas generators for drying plants.

SAACKE's experience in the use of liquid special fuels is especially important for the needs of the food industry. SAACKE products and system solutions have a proven track record in the use of biofuels to produce energy, for example biogas, biodiesel and by-products such as frying grease and oil, vinasse and glycerin.

SAACKE offers you:

  • Burners for steam generators
  • Burners for biogenic by-products
  • System solutions for drying processes
  • Burners and system solutions for thermal post-combustion plants with integrated heat utilization

Rotary cup atomizers, hot gas generators and complete solutions for the food industry

Burner from the SKVG series of rotary cup atomizers generate heat by combusting liquid special fuels with a high heat value in an environmentally friendly manner, for example frying oil, fish oil or animal fat. This yields considerable savings in disposal and fuel costs. The TEMINOX GL pressure atomizer series, which can also be operated with biogas, for example, and the DDZG steam pressure atomizer series are also ideally suited for generating heat in the food industry.

SAACKE has found a way to make use of by-products from biofuel production that is low in pollutants, cost-effective and CO2-neutral. Vinasse, a by-product of bioethanol production, has been used in the past as fertilizer. This use is now prohibited, however, due to the resulting groundwater pollution. Now vinasse can be combusted with the SSB-LCL swirl burner series. The advantages are obvious: Disposal costs are eliminated and the energy can be used for example to generate steam in water-tube boilers. At the same time the emissions of the overall plant are reduced.

SAACKE offers a similar solution for using glycerin. This by-product of biodiesel production can be used in a purified form in the cosmetics industry. If it is unpurified, glycerin can be used to produce energy with an SKVG, replacing fossil fuels within the entire process.

To carry out drying processes, for example drying sugar beet cossettes, SAACKE offers you the CCS hot gas generator, which can be combined with various burners.

SAACKE also offers you complete thermal post-combustion plants. From burners to combustion chambers and heat utilization in the form of waste heat boilers – SAACKE can provide you with everything from a single source. SAACKE engineers will discuss the optimum solution for each application with you.