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Lifetime support – services, repairs, spares

You can count on our service

Our services include

  • Repairs and guaranteed original spare parts – worldwide and around the clock
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance and breakdown attendance
  • 24-hour hotline
  • Maintenance contracts for burner and boiler
  • Energy surveys
  • Plant consultation on energy efficiency, modernisation and revamping
  • E4U Elite Membership programme
  • Annual Regional Conferences
  • Training
  • Boiler-house technical risk assessment
  • On-line product information system
  • Boiler-house log book

Boiler-house log book

This user-friendly log book assists with the recording of mandatory safety tests and details of plant operation that is required for compliance to guidance and recommendations laid out in INDG436 and BG01.

The SAACKE Boiler-house log book has 7 one-day pages plus one page per week for supervisor countersignature.

Log safety tests, fuel being fired per boiler, checks carried out, and space to record site problems or changes identified.

E4U Elite membership programme

Training videos
As part of the E4U Elite Membership programme you will receive a monthly email comprising for example a topical article to assist efficiency improvement or maintenance tips, together with a link to a training video.