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Energy and Combustion Conferences

For owners and operators of heat generating plants in the UK and Ireland
Each year SAACKE Combustion Services Ltd offer between 6 and 8 one-day Conferences in different parts of the country. These Conferences form part of our E4U Membership Programme based on Energy, Efficiency, Emissions & Expertise. Conferences are available to all and for Service Contract customers are free of charge dependent upon the level of contract held.
Our aim is to bring to you up to date and concise information on aspects such as Health and Safety, emissions legislation, Energy saving measures and new technologies such as the micro-CHP gas turbine system which can boost plant efficiency with existing boiler plant to above 95%.
Our Conferences are supported by various leaders in their field in the industrial boiler world such as The Combustion Engineering Association, SSE Enterprise, Enersol Flomar Corp., Torque Engineering and M & M Training Ltd.

Benefits of attending

Energy and Combustion Conferences – UK & Ireland
  • Access to a range of advisory, consultancy and technical information to ensure that you keep your boiler plant and heat generating equipment operating at optimum efficiency and with compliant emissions
  • Ensure your compliance with Health & Safety legislation
  • Keep abreast of developments in the energy and heat generating market
  • See the SAACKE Boiler-house Log Book that ensures you are recording mandatory tests to ‘best practice’, BG01 and Health & Safety requirements
  • Learn how to generate electrical power for your site and utilise the exhaust gases in your steam/hot water boiler plant – increase overall plant efficiency and save money 
  • Learn of leading edge strategies for increased efficiency and reduction of energy costs
  • The opportunity to rub shoulders with and learn from leading industrial figures