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Our team / facts & figures

The strength of our Company is in its employees and the strong business ethos provided by the SAACKE family and senior management team.  Our corporate responsibility is founded on our long-standing tradition.  As a reliable and trusted partner, we have always strived to establish business relationships built on trust.  We feel that we have an obligation to work with pioneering technologies and to constantly improve our performance with innovative ideas.  We meet our customers as advisors and trusted partners with the aim of strengthening and safeguarding the business success of both parties.

Particular attention is also focussed on long-term personnel development.  For our staff that means being able to take advantage of continuous further training, coaching and seminars.  Their willingness to undergo further qualifications receives every possible support from us.  Flat hierarchies and project work give every employee the opportunity to bring in their own ideas and personal experience.  That gives a structure of responsible working.  This positive, family-like working atmosphere derives from the “SAACKE spirit” represented by the employees in every Group company.

Worldwide there are over 1,000 SAACKE employees, with 80 in the UK Company, in the following disciplines