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History and Milestones

H. Saacke Limited was formed in 1960, based in Portsmouth, Hampshire.  The Company developed a reputation as experts of rotary cup burner design and expanded rapidly into dual fuel burners with the advent of North Sea Gas.  Development of various burners followed - pressure jet, compact and packaged rotary cup, gas and dual gas, washed singles fixed grate coal burners, grid burners, feed water economisers, steam atomising burners and various modernisation and energy saving retrofit kits.  Quality and reliability with a strong aftersales ethos remains our focus, delivering the most energy-efficient plant throughout its working life.

In response to global changes within the SAACKE Group in 2010 SAACKE Combustion Services Limited was formed to focus on its primary markets of the UK and Ireland.  It continues to expand using its bedrock of knowledge and expertise to meet the challenges of increasing regulation, and to deliver improved plant efficiency with lower emissions.  Now moving into the supply and maintenance of complete boiler packages and with a unique burner coupled with micro-gas turbine exhaust to maximise plant efficiency the SAACKE flame continues to burn bright.