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The goal is always low NOx

Thermal oil heaters

Thermal Oil Heater

SAACKE offers you burners for use with thermal oil heaters that can be operated with an extremely wide range of fuels, from heavy oil to light oil and natural gas as well as gaseous and liquid auxiliary products. All these fuels can be used with SAACKE burners to burn with low emissions and high energy efficiency.

One advantage of all SAACKE burners is that they can be operated with combustion air prewarming – and still guarantee low NOx combustion.

The SAACKE portfolio includes:

  • Low-emission burners for standard and special fuels
  • Firing plants for backup heat supply of solar thermal power plants
  • Turnkey plants for use of waste heat

Burners for standard and special fuels

For combustion of standard fuels such as natural gas, light oil and heavy oil, the SAACKE portfolio offers the same burner types for the TEMINOX GL pressure atomizer series, the SKVG rotary cup atomizer series and the DDZG steam pressure atomizer series (for especially large capacities). They are all able to fire thermal oil heaters efficiently, reliably, and in an environmentally friendly manner.

The SKV-SF from the SKVG rotary cup atomizer series is the perfect solution for combustion of special fuels, for example liquid or gaseous byproducts that accumulate in the chemical industry. 

Thermal oil heaters are used in a new application that is currently generating much interest, solar thermal power plants. Reliable supply is a key issue in this application and SAACKE has developed a product, the low-NOx DDZG-LN burner from the DDZG series, that ensures current will be continuously generated if the solar energy source is not available. In this application the burner is operated with natural gas. The DDZG-LN is especially impressive for its extremely low emission values and reliability.

Complete plants – planning, engineering and mounting from a single source

SAACKE also looks to the wider view in terms of firing systems for thermal oil heaters. In addition to a large assortment of burners for an extensive range of fuels, we also offer complete plants for use of waste heat. For example, SAACKE has a number of turnkey plants that are designed and installed to use lean gases and liquid by-products to generate process heat. This means you can receive everything from a single source, from planning to engineering and beyond to mounting the plant with SAACKE.

Where are thermal oil heaters used?

Thermal oil heaters are used especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to supply processes with heat at a high temperature level (300 to 450°C). They are often heated with special fuels, for example with gaseous or liquid by-products from a process. The special challenge, along with the use of these special fuels, often involves the thermal disposal of exhaust air. Due to the high flue gas temperatures, firing plants for thermal oil heaters must also be operated with combustion air preheating to increase efficiency.