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SAACKE Group Guidelines (Values)



Forward through improvement

Self-reflection, our ability to accept criticism and the willingness to continuously improve guarantee the secure future of the SAACKE Group.

Organization development and process reorganization are our sources for a continuous optimization process.

High-quality customized products

We deliver tailor-made components or entire systems focused on the customer's individual requirements and in premium quality.


Health – Happiness – Performance

The health and happiness of our employees and partners form the basis of the performance and long-term success of the SAACKE Group.

Cultural diversity

As an international company, we are mindful of and respect cultural diversity and human rights.

Internal solidarity

We foster a global “we” feeling and an organization that ensures this is the case. 


Responsibility for the environment

We are focused on the sustainable use of natural resources and their conservation.

Our technology is innovative and promotes resource conservation as well as being energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Environmentally responsible actions 

We promote environmentally responsible actions by informing our employees. We develop qualifications and motivation with a focus on the future. Every employee acts with respect for the environment.