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Capacity range

8 - 56 MW (other sizes on request)


All standard gaseous fuels


Shell boilers and water-tube boilers in a capacity range (single burner operation) of 13 - 70 t/h

The main points

  • Extremely low NOx emissions (< 30 mg/m³) based on 3% O2, dry
  • Control range up to 1:7
  • Highly efficient fuel use by very low excess air ratio of only 10% at full load
  • Also suitable for extremely short furnaces
  • Suitable for shell boilers and water-tube boilers
  • Reduced operating costs due to high-efficiency combustion technology and low auxiliary power requirement
  • Less maintenance time and exceptionally long life
  • Confirms with European and Chinese guidelines

Established, efficient technology for the emission standards of tomorrow

Emission limit values for the industry are falling while demands on sophisticated technical solutions increase – and this worldwide. For example, this is demonstrated by the Chinese guidelines, which prescribe a strict NOx limit value of 30 mg/m³ based one 3% dry O2 in urban areas, such as Beijing, for new power station and energy generation plant projects since 2017. SAACKE constantly adapts and aligns to changing conditions with its ongoing research and development activities.

NOx reduction measures of many competitors often lead to a high amount of excess O2 or a high level of CO. Significant reductions in the released nitrogen oxide can often only be achieved using expensive, catalytic (SCR) or non-catalytic (e.g. SNCR) processes. However, all of these options increase fuel consumption, material costs and the use of necessary additives at the operator’s expense. By contrast, the SAACKE LONOX UCC (Ultra Clean Combustion) System is based on established technology that has been tried and tested in practice. The burner fires all standard gaseous fuels cost-effectively and efficiently in compliance with the limit value of 30 mg/m³ NOx based on 3% dry O2 – all with a low flue gas recirculation rate of < 25% and without further secondary measures. The burner draft loss of the combustion air is lower than 30 mbar (depending on the burner design). Compliance with the statutory emission limits is possible thanks to a special, swirled flame geometry as well as a specially-engineered flame control. The SAACKE LONOX UCC System can be customized to the respective customer requirements and plant infrastructure.

The SAACKE LONOX UCC System is a reliable combustion solution available at short notice, which is characterized by extremely low, environmentally friendly nitrogen oxide emissions as well as low investment and operating costs.