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Gas turbine exhaust burner DDZG-GTM

Micro-CHP-System: energy-efficient electrical power and heat generation

Capacity range

2 - 20 MW

Combustion air temperature

5 - 300 °C


Shell boilers, water-tube boilers, thermal oil heaters, hot gas generators

The main points

  • Easy retrofitting of existing heat generators as well as short downtime for installation and commissioning
  • Long maintenance intervals for turbine and burner
  • High system availability
  • Very low emission levels and quick ROI thanks to outstanding efficiency
  • Designed for all standard and special liquid and gas fuels such as biogas
  • Turbine and burner can be operated independently
  • Increased production flexibility and independence of energy cost fluctuations

Micro-CHP-System: energy-efficient electrical power and heat generation

Until now, small to medium-scale combined heat and power (CHP) generation was usually realized in cogeneration plants, which are unfortunately very maintenance-intensive. As an alternative, SAACKE is offering an extremely low-maintenance special burner from the DDZG-GTM line for these types of CHP projects. A gas turbine generates 50 to 1,000 kW electrical power. The high-energy turbine gas, which is fired in the downstream heat generator, is utilized up to 100 percent as combustion air in the DDZG-GTM SAACKE gas turbine exhaust burner. Depending on design and configuration of the heat generator, this type of CHP system generates heat, steam or hot water – and produces valuable electrical energy. This combination of turbine and burner always guarantees continuously low emission levels which are reliably below requirements across the entire range of EU regulations.