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SAACKE equips chemical tankers with a boiler plant and scrubber

Reliable steam generation and exhaust gas scrubbing from a single source

The Spanish shipping company Empresa Naviera ELCANO, S.A. ordered 1 + 1 37,000 DWT chemical tankers at the Chinese dock Shanhaiguan New Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., for which it will rely on SAACKE GmbH scrubbers and steam boilers. Delivery of the new construction, number CT370-01, is scheduled for 2019.

It will be used in emission control areas (ECAs), such as the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, and must therefore comply with strict emission regulations. For this reason, the shipping company opted for the SAACKE EGCS-HM hybrid multistream exhaust gas cleaning system. “The scrubber ensures almost the full desulfurization of the exhaust gases. This reliably meets the required emission values in the ECAs as well as the IMO emission requirements for global shipping that will apply from 2020”, says Nils Homburg, Senior Engineer for Scrubber Development at SAACKE. Continuous measurement in the exhaust stream ensures compliance with limit values and documents the washing process for the authorities. The scrubber is also equipped with redundant seawater pumps.

In addition to the scrubber, SAACKE will also supply an auxiliary and combination boiler system. These are used to generate steam for heating heavy fuel oil and water for cleaning the charging tanks.

International collaboration
The international SAACKE sites work closely with one another to produce and deliver scrubber and boiler systems. While the exhaust gas scrubbers, their control cabinets and burners are manufactured in Bremen, the Chinese SAACKE production in Qingdao takes over construction of the boilers and their control cabinets. Boiler construction and order processing takes place in Kiel.