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Kai Große-Hellweg takes the chair of the German Maritime Export Initiative (GeMaX)

SAACKE supports GeMaX with many years of international experience and valuable contacts

Kai Große-Hellweg, Head of Sales at SAACKE Marine Systems, was elected as GeMaX Chair on December 18, 2017. SAACKE has been a member of the German Maritime Export Initiative since it was first established in 2014.

GeMaX is an association of reputable German maritime supplier companies and KfW IPEX-Bank. They offer foreign shipping companies and shipyards attractive and complete packages consisting of German equipment and supplier-based financing for large-scale maritime projects. The initiative is supported by the Verband für Schiffbau und Meerestechnik e.V. (VSM) association.

"The advantages of GeMaX are obvious: access to large-scale international projects for shipbuilding and offshore units through the acquisition of high-quality packages of materials accompanied by project financing. I'd like to make a greater contribution to GeMaX in order to develop the previous concept even further together with the members," says Kai Große-Hellweg, giving an insight into his plans. Among the initial tasks that he has set himself are closer cooperation and coordination among the member companies as well as establishing new contacts and strengthening existing ones.

Further information on the GeMaX initiative can be found on the website: