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SAACKE GmbH receives a major order to deliver burners to upgrade Polish power stations

Low emissions even for a very high nominal output

The delivery of 28 burners by SAACKE GmbH ensures that three Polish heating and power stations for one of the world’s largest energy producers are upgraded and converted. The order was placed by VKK STANDARDKESSEL Köthen GmbH, which will install the burners in 14 twin-furnace boilers. The project’s specific challenge was the combination of the high firing rates and the strict requirements relating to the emission values. Background: the end customer wanted to stay well below the applicable exhaust gas limit values in order to be well-equipped for a future tightening of the legislation in advance. The TEMINOX GLS 220 and TEMINOX GLS 190 dual-fuel burners delivered are designed to combust natural gas H and extra-light fuel oil (LFO). With 150 mg NOx in the LFO operation at 3% O2, the SAACKE combustion plants achieve emission values well below the current guidelines, as well as the more stringent guidelines that have already been announced. The project is already in full swing and the first units will be successively delivered in 2015. The order has an overall volume of 1.9 million euros.

The decision to work with SAACKE was also due to the coherent overall concept: the TEMINOX burners, with their large range, provide efficient and low-emission combustion, even for high firing rates above 12 MW. In doing so, they remain below the target of a maximum electrical effective power consumption of 192 kW for the entire plant. An important reference value, as a threat of fines exists for higher power consumption. “SAACKE has decades of experience in the development and design of combustion plants. We manufacture a large range of burners with high outputs in-house and so were able to put together a good overall package," says Per Willenbrock, Specialist Group Manager Standard Burners and Components at SAACKE. “The combination of a high firing rate and low emissions allowed us to provide optimal cost-effectiveness that is not available any-where else on the market."

Powerful TEMINOX burners to upgrade the power station

The TEMINOX pressure jet burner series is optimized for low-pollutant combustion. Maximum efficiency and low emissions are guaranteed, even for high nominal outputs, as is the case for the power station in Krakow with 18.6 MW per burner. The major order involved a delivery of 16 dual-fuel TEMINOX GLS 220 burners to Krakow, where a district heating power station is being upgraded. Four TEMINOX GLS 190 are being delivered to Gdynia and eight to Toruń, where old boiler houses are either being upgraded or rebuilt. As part of the order, the customer also included an option for 18 additional SAACKE TEMINOX GLS 190 for two other locations.

SAACKE GmbH and VKK STANDARDKESSEL have been in close contact for a long period of time. In this case, the major order was executed by the SAACKE headquarters in Bremen, where all of the burners were manufactured.