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On the way to the smart factory: se@vis pro 3.0 provides an overview of the complete combustion system

Today's combustion plants must be able to cope with complex requirements. However, there are still boiler-houses in which each individual component requires its own control system. This is not only maintenance-intensive and confusing, but also expensive for the operators. With the new and innovative SAACKE management system se@vis pro 3.0 these times are a thing of the past. The all-rounder is based on decades of development experience and the sound industry knowledge of the SAACKE experts. It combines a number of advantages: It simplifies plant control, increases the security and flexibility of operations and offers mobile access to all processes via remote control from anywhere in the world. In short: With se@vis pro you are taking the step into the future of the smart factory and modern plant handling.

Digital access for predictive maintenance

The highlight of the remote control function is that you can define additional secure access for external service providers so that your team can concentrate on their core tasks. SAACKE engineers then react remotely to error messages - or detect potential malfunctions before they occur - and work continuously with you to increase efficiency or reduce fuel con-sumption. A clever and modern solution that saves money and increases your plant availabil-ity. But as an all-rounder, the intelligent automatic burner control has much more to offer and is unrivalled on the market as a product innovation with these combined strengths.

All the advantages of se@vis pro 3.0 at a glance:

  • Control and monitoring of the entire boiler plant incl. burner and peripherals
  • Remote Control from afar
  • Clear arrangement thanks to 15 integrated controllers for all system functions (pre-configured according to individual customer requirements)
  • Conversion possible at any time with minimum downtimes
  • Simultaneous firing of 2 out of 3 fuels, also possible with alternative fuels
  • Individual operating modes and load levels, clocked to the minute per day and week
  • Electronic compound control with 8 channels in 8 operating modes
  • Touch screen in various sizes for simple and intuitive operation
  • Suitable for all system types
  • Certified according to SIL 3