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Find potential energy savings in by-products using the SAACKE fuel save calculator

Generate energy and steam from waste substances, save on natural gas

SAACKE is now offering plant operators in the chemical and process industry a simple tool for identifying potential savings in their process-related by-products. Production residues, such as vent gases or liquid by-products still have considerable energy content. They can be used to generate energy and/or process steam. Plant operators can thus save on natural gas. 

This intuitive fuel save calculator gathers information on key parameters of the remaining by-products and the plant. It includes the type, quantity and heat value of the by-product and the required quantity of steam. From this input, the tool makes an initial estimate of potential annual energy savings, in the case of optimal by-product usage. With this information, plant operators can request an estimate directly from SAACKE for the cost of the integrating individual components into the system or a turnkey solution. 

Increase the efficiency and competitive capacity of your plant while also reducing the cost of by-products disposal! The fuel save calculator can be found at the following link: