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Building materials


There are many opportunities in the building materials industry for optimizing the production of substances such as cement or gypsum in terms of producing energy, thereby saving energy costs. The same applies to processing stone, soil and ores, for example nickel ore. Because SAACKE engineer have comprehensive expertise in the relevant technical processes, SAACKE is able tap these potential energy savings. The diverse assortment of products offered by SAACKE also ensures clean and efficient combustion of a wide range of fuels.

SAACKE offers you:

  • Measures to reduce emissions and increase performance
  • Concepts for energetic optimization of the process
  • Combustion systems and hot gas generators, for example
    • Heating
    • Drying
    • Calcination
    • Pelletizing
    • Processes for thermal treatment of substances

Optimization of cement production, gypsum calcination and ore drying

Drawing on many years of experience in using residues to produce energy and in plant engineering, SAACKE offers numerous products and services that can decisively boost the performance of your cement plant.

The CCS hot gas generator is perfectly suited for treatment of basic materials that will be dried during the milling process. It can be combined with various burners and can also be operated with an extremely wide range of fuels. SAACKE has a worldwide experience in the use of oil, gas and carbon dust as fuels. SAACKE also offers complete oil and natural gas supply systems for the cement production process.

SSB series swirl burners have a proven track record heating gas flows within the entire cement production process. A retrofitted SAACKE solution yields excellent financial advantages in this area: Installing additional SSBs to heat cooler exhaust air increases the effectiveness of the plant.

The CCS hot gas generator is used in gypsum plants for calcination. The hot gas generator can be combined with either an SKVG series rotary cup atomizer or an SSB-D series swirl burner for combustion of carbon dust. Because the hot gas from the hot gas generator comes directly in contact with the gypsum during the gypsum combustion process, complete and very clean combustion is very important to obtain the white color of gypsum. SAACKE combustion technology ensures the necessary clean combustion, even if carbon dust is used as the fuel.

The SSB series offers the cost-saving option of implementing direct heating of gypsum kettles without an upstream combustion chamber. This burner can be equipped with a special muffle. The admixture of recirculated flue gas makes it possible to save considerably on energy costs.

Another possibility for using the SAACKE hot gas generator is drying ores. Carbon dust is used as a fuel in a project for nickel calcination implemented by SAACKE. The hot exhaust air at about 600°C from an upstream process is used for combustion. This saves considerably on energy costs.