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Energy and heat suppliers

Energy and District Heat Suppliers

SAACKE offers many products and services which will enable you to upgrade your plant to the latest state of the technology, thereby optimizing its emissions and energy consumption.


Chemical Industry

There is still unused potential in many areas of the chemical industry for energetic use of by-products and residues. SAACKE has taken on the task of identifying these areas and developing tailor-made solutions for them.


In addition to offering conventional power plant boilers in the refinery industry, SAACKE specializes particularly in water-tube boilers for internal supply of heat and steam. Fuels used often include by-products of the refining process.

Food Industry

There are processes in the food industry that can become more cost-effective and environmentally friendly by using by-products that accumulate. SAACKE has the necessary experience and expertise to be able to offer you complete solutions for thermal post-combustion plants, burners for alternative fuels and hot gas generators for drying plants.


There are many opportunities for optimizing the production of substances such as cement or gypsum in terms of producing energy, thereby saving energy costs. You can benefit from SAACKE engineers' comprehensive knowledge of process technology and discover these potential energy savings.

Steel and Metal Industry

By-products that accumulate in many processes cannot be used easily to produce energy. SAACKE has developed various technologies to combust these products thermally with low pollution emissions.

Waste Incineration

Waste disposal is a growing problem in Europe and many other regions of the world. SAACKE has been offering burners for waste incineration plants for 40 years with startup and support function to permit clean, thermal use of the waste while simultaneously reducing environmental pollution thanks to low-NOx technology.

Wood Processing Industry

Heat energy can be produced in various ways in the wood materials industry. While hot gas generators are used mainly to dry chipped wood and fibers, presses can be heated with thermal oil heaters and process steam is provided by steam boilers. Using biogenic fuels from in-house production reduces fuel costs and saves fossil resources.

Marine and Offshore plants

More than 6000 SAACKE plants are currently providing heat and steam under the harshest conditions on the high seas. Burners, marine boilers, waste heat boilers, control units or gas combustion units not only offer maximum efficiency, but especially safety and reliability.

Exhaust Gas Cleaning

SAACKE’s scrubber system provides an efficient solution for the elimination of up to 99 percent SOX and solid particles from exhaust gases emitted by ships. The system is available as an open and hybrid water cycle and enables live monitoring of all relevant system data.

Sulphur Combustion

Exhaust Gas Cleaning

SAACKE GmbH has been supplying versatile and customer-specific solutions in the field of sulfur combustion for more than 50 years.

SAACKE offers solutions for sulfur combustion in sulfuric acid plants and sulfur dioxide (SO2) generation plants.