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Worldwide trade is changing constantly, today more than ever before. Prerequisites for continued success are not only high-quality services and consistent expectations of professionalism, but also a generous measure of flexibility. In order to meet these expectations, SAACKE is a long-standing member of the German Maritime Export Initiative (GeMaX). This association of leading German maritime export companies is working towards the goal of making the national maritime industry more competitive on the global market. Grouping marine systems and services stands at the core of this pursuit. This way, there will emerge meaningful export volume and - building on that - the foundation for a financing model carried by a German bank. Thereby, international buyers of ship-building or off-shore projects receive a competitive package deal of German supply and long-term project financing. This is how GeMaX advances both new development and retrofit projects with determination and security. As a member of this association, SAACKE sells marine firing systems globally and so contributes its share to the domestic maritime industry's success. Learn more about GeMaX at