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HEGWEIN is a leading manufacturer of fuel-fired heavy-duty igniters, pilot burners and gas burners for industrial applications. HEGWEIN products are well-known for their superior quality, outstanding performance, excellent flame stability, smooth operation and long service life. HEGWEIN pilots create a long and stable flame that provides for the safe ignition of a main burner under various load conditions.

HEGWEIN Gas Fired Igniter

  • Gas Fired Igniters
  • Compact design with integrated spark transformer and ionisation flame monitor/burner control
  • Built-in flame rod, ideally located
  • No high-voltage cable required on site
  • Guaranteed electromagnetic compatibility
  • Rugged, low-maintenance design
  • Sizes ranging from 2 kW to 10 MW (7,000 BTU/hr to 35,000,000 BTU/hr)
  • Custom outer tube lengths available in 10-mm increments
  • Fuel types include natural gas, conditioned coke oven gas, propane/butane or process gas, according to customer preference and analysis
  • Extremely tight and long pilot flame - no automatic retraction system typically required
  • Class 1, 2 or 3 gas fired igniters according to NFPA also available
  • Also available with flexible outer tube for tilting burners

Gas-fired igniters and pilot burners, and oil-fired igniters
Our scope includes gas-fired igniters and pilot burners with heat releases ranging from 2kW up to 10MW, and also oil-fired igniters with a thermal capacity of up to 3.6MW. Many of them can be used as class 1, class 2 or class 3 igniters according to NFPA regulations.
Typical fields of application are industrial furnaces, petrochemical furnaces, utility boilers in power stations and rotary kilns (which may require an igniter length of up to 18,000mm). For the marine industry we supply special pilot burner versions that fire marine diesels of A or B type.

Gas burners
Our gas burners also come in different sizes with heat releases ranging from 15kW to 4.5MW. Most of them offer a turn-down ratio of 10:1. They are typically used for homogenising furnaces in the aluminium industry, being placed into driers, ladle pre-heaters, post-combustion units and all kinds of process-firing systems.
All our igniters, burners and pilot burners feature a compact, lightweight, yet sturdy power head in a metal housing with an integrated high-tension ignition module, a self-checking ionisation flame monitor for continuous operation, and a flame relay (FM, AGA, GOST and EN-approved) with one SPDT contact that may be integrated into any existing burner-management system.

Dual Fuel Igniters
Ignition of large oil or heavy fuel oil fired burners in utility boilers
Heat Release
max. 1000 kW (Oil Mode)
max. 400 kW (Gas Mode)

HEGWEIN Accessories

  • Spark transformers
  • Pressure switches
  • Safety shut-off valves
  • Valve proving systems
  • Measuring devices
  • Mounting parts and others