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Latest Optimised Design

The MK5B has been developed from the successful MK5A Series burner to meet the demands of users requiring a robust design with uncomplicated control systems. The MK5B employs compact improved fan technology and redesigned air distribution within the fan casing to ensure optimum output and fan head capacity.

The SAACKE MK5B head is well proven for versatile flame geometry and is available with SAACKE (registered design) swirl head for short flame applications.

High Quality & Reliability

Easy access to the burner head for maintenance is provided by the “swinging” hinged casing. SAACKE's external head position adjustment provides the Commissioning Technician with a simple manual “slide locking” device adjustment on line without the need to shut down and open the burner (PAG5 and 10).

A wide flame viewing port gives excellent sight of the flame “through the burner”.

SAACKE's ongoing development has enabled industry to benefit from improved performance and efficiency.


  • Robust construction
  • High turn-down ratio
  • Simple adjustment features
  • Complies fully with Australian gas requirements and Australian Standards
  • Quiet operation
  • Hinged body for easy access to head components
  • Wide choice of output and fan capacities
  • Low emissions
  • Models for gas, oil and dual fuel plus special applications
  • EMU (Electronic Modulation Unit) option available on models above 300kW

SAACKE PAG3 MK5B – Technical Specification

PAG3 – On/Off
PA3 – On/Off 

Fan Impelker
Special high efficiency, high-pressure rise design.

Burner Controls

Oil burner filled with photocell flame monitoring via sequence control box
Gas Burner filled with flame ionization probe.*

Ignition System
Direct spark across specially designed electrodes from a 10,00 V20 mA Transformer.

Inlet oil hose & filter included on oil burner

Optional Extras

  • U.V. Flame Sensor (Gas)
  • Acustic Hush Box
  • Gas Valve Position Options
  • O.P.S.O. Gas Regulator/Filter Set With Test Points For H.P. Gas Applications
  • Satronic Burner Controller