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Burner control systems

The main points

  • Reliable, affordable burner control systems for all burners on land and sea
  • From the automatic firing sequence controller to the burner management system with 8 channels in 8 operating modes
  • Expandable, flexible standard solutions and individually tailored, customer-specific solutions
  • Easy and reliable integration into existing control systems
  • Certified safety with SIL 3 according to EN 61508 (seavis)
  • Numerous international certificates / certificates of shipping lines
  • Experienced engineering team guarantees fast, lean project phase

Safe, reliable and convenient

Combustion plants vary greatly. They differ in the type of burner, capacity, fuel, installation location, safety requirements and numerous other criteria. So it's no wonder that each burner control system must be both individual and reliable. Because of this, it has long been SAACKE's approach not only to deliver the individual components of a combustion system, but also to be concerned with seamless integration of all parts to form a perfect whole. This is the only way to ensure high availability, reliable operation and unparalleled low consumption and emission values.

The seavis burner control system series from SAACKE is the product of decades of work and embodies safety, reliability and convenience. In addition to these flexible series (based however on standardized components), SAACKE also provides programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and other solutions to provide maximum flexibility for the plant requirements.

The range of control systems begins with simple automatic firing sequence controllers. The new inexpensive seavis eco for individual burners with mechanical compound control system sets new technical standards in terms of safety and reliability, while also providing flexibility and modularity: If necessary, the seavis compact can easily be added to the seavis eco. In the maximum configuration it is expanded to become the seavis pro. This control system offers maximum flexibility with up to 8 channels and 8 operating modes. It also has an especially wide touch screen for the greatest possible operating convenience. This approach makes it possible for the control system to grow as well when the combustion plant is expanded. It is always based on a system architecture that provides fail-safe connection between control components via Safe Ethernet.

Depending on the configuration and level of expansion, SAACKE burner control systems can perform extremely demanding tasks: This makes it possible to implement stable simultaneous combustion systems with fluctuating heat values, to adjust ignition times and stabilization times individually or to display trends for specific process values on the screen.

When SAACKE burner control systems are integrated into existing control systems, they serve as a reliable component of complex processes. If requested, SAACKE can assume responsibility for engineering the PLC and will provide software and hardware with the experience and reliability you have come to expect.

Despite the differing range of functionality, SAACKE burner control systems are suitable for each burner. They can be installed and configured in just a few simple steps. These systems have interfaces for numerous bus systems and can be integrated into existing plants. They also feature high performance and flexibility, with maximum safety and reliability (up to SIL 3 as per IEC 61508). SAACKE burner control systems have numerous international approvals and certificates from many shipping line classification societies.

There is nothing spectacular about each individual SAACKE control in demanding, continuous operation: It simply saves costs, lowers emission values and ensures high availability for the combustion system.