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When it comes to flexibility, energy efficiency and low maintenance costs for the firing system, burners take center stage. SAACKE offers standard and special solutions in all load ranges: reliable, safe and with a very long service life.

Combustion Chamber/Hot Gas Generator

SAACKE combustion chambers excel with impressive temperature profiles, precise control response and low pressure loss. They can be combined with almost any burner and guarantee reliable heat for a wide range of process requirements.

Marine Boiler

SAACKE marine applications are tailored to customers' needs and offer absolute safety and reliability, even under extreme conditions. The range extends from directly fired boilers and combination boilers to specialized waste heat boiler with extremely high efficiency.

Marine Burner

Marine burners are optimally adapted to harsh and special marine requirements. They guarantee reliable, efficient, and very low-maintenance operation for many years and are certified by numerous classification societies.

Exhaust Gas Cleaning

SAACKE’s scrubber system provides an efficient solution for the elimination of up to 99 percent SOX and solid particles from exhaust gases emitted by ships. The system is available as an open and hybrid water cycle and enables live monitoring of all relevant system data.

GCU Gas Combustion Unit

If surplus gas needs to be combusted reliably on LNG tankers, there is practically no alternative to GCU solutions from SAACKE. They offer outstanding performance in confined spaces with high availability and can be adapted to almost any requirement.

Burner Management System BMS

Because no firing system is identical others, SAACKE gives you burner control systems tailored to your individual needs. The range extends from simple automatic firing sequence controllers through modular se@vis control systems and on to PLC-supported multi-burner control systems.

Modernization Modules SEE

Often small changes to burners, boilers or control systems can significantly increase the efficiency of the firing system. SAACKE offers system analysis for this purpose as well as all necessary components, for example speed control, economizers or recording of flue gas values.

Fuel Supply

Gas and oil valve trains from SAACKE are individually adapted to each plant, forming the basis of problem-free and uniform firing. Based on proven standard components, they are available for any fuel and (almost) any flow rate.

Combustion Air Supply

Only perfectly adjusted fans and correctly dimensioned air ducts ensure clean combustion at all firing rates. SAACKE is enormously attentive to these details, thereby ensuring a wide control range, stable combustion and the best emission values for each plant.

Kane International

Established in 1963, Kane International Ltd designs and manufactures portable test and measurement equipment in the UK.


AMBIRAD has been developing, manufacturing and delivering the best industrial and commercial gas fired HVAC equipment all over the world.

Durag Combustion Products

DURAG are a worldwide operating group of companies and one of the market leaders for intelligent solutions in the fields of combustion technology, environmental monitoring, data management as well as tunnel sensors.

Durag Process & Systems Technology

DURAG are a worldwide operating group of companies and one of the market leaders for intelligent solutions in the fields of combustion technology, environmental monitoring, data management as well as tunnel sensors.


HEGWEIN is a leading manufacturer of fuel-fired heavy-duty igniters, pilot burners and gas burners for industrial applications.


KÜHME armaturen GmbH has specialised in the development, design and production of special valves for power engineering for more than 40 years with our wealth of experience we can offer you a wide range from single valves to complete system solutions exactly tailored to suit your requirements valves made by KÜHME are used wherever combustible media need to be shut off quickly and safely. 

SAACKE Australia Valve Train Capability

SAACKE Australia has capabilities to supply Gas and Liquid Trains/Skids as a stand-alone product in compliance with Australian Standards like AS3814 and other specifications.


SMITSVONK is a manufacturer of electrical ignited flare pilots and ignition torches and has for more than 60 years’ experience for all kind of ignition and combustion systems for the industry.