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SAACKE Australia

SAACKE Australia Pty. Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the SAACKE group of companies specialising in combustion energy systems. The Australian office was established in 1974 primarily to service the Australian and New Zealand market. The company has proudly built up a modest manufacturing facility in Sydney, and support infrastructure with service technicians and spares for servicing customers needs.

SAACKE is a worldwide company based in Bremen, Germany with over 85 years of rich history in development and manufacturing of combustion and energy systems, including burners and hot gas generators. SAACKE operates worldwide through its offices in more than 70 countries. SAACKE has its Australian headquarters and assembly workshop in Sydney and a branch office in Melbourne & Brisbane.The benefit of being a subsidiary company lies in the ability to interface with the other SAACKE companies for transfer of technical information, assistance with technical projects and supply of key components and adapt them to local requirements. One of the specialist areas being the marine applications for combustion burners and associated controls and equipment.

SAACKE Australia has capabilities to supply Gas and Liquid Trains/Skids as a stand-alone product  in compliance with AS 3814 and other specifications. As most international manufacturers are not familiar with local standards, we have successfully built gas trains for our key customers including ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions, CTEC, Andritz, Bechtel, FLSmidth, Lurgi, Zeeco, Cummins and others in our Sydney factory.

Along with burners and hot gas generators, SAACKE Australia has a strong partnership with following companies to offer complementary products in related applications.

SAACKE (Subsidiary)
Industrial Burners, Low-calorific and special fuel burners, Duct Burners, Hot Gas generators and combustion equipment or

SAACKE Marine (Subsidiary)
Marine Boilers, Heavy fuel burners, Gas Combustion Units for LNG carriers, FPSO Conversions etc.

DURAG Group:  Combustion & Emission Monitoring
Flame scanners & other products with a repair and technical support

DURAG process & systems technology (Exclusive Distributor)
Video Thermography System for optical and thermal online analysis of processes in the combustion chamber.

Hegwein Gas/Oil fired Igniters
New Igniters, spare parts in stock with a repair facility

SMITSVONK (Exclusive Distributor) Ignition Systems for Flares
New Igniters for flares, bio-gas Flares, spare parts in stock with a repair facility

KÜHME armaturen GmbH (Exclusive Distributor) Special Valves
Specialised in the development, design and production of special valves for power engineering.

Kane International (Exclusive Distributor)
Portable Gas Leak Detectors & CO Indicators/Detectors, Emission Monitoring Combustion & Flue Gas Analysers - Sales, parts  & repairs

Ambirad (Exclusive Distributor)
Radiant tube heating systems - sales, parts, assembly and repairs