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Turning by-products into heat

Alternative fuels

In view of stricter ecological requirements, SAACKE places special emphasis on the use of alternative fuels. By-products or residues from industrial processes with both high and low heat values, for example glycerin from biodiesel production, biogas or wood sanding dust, can be used energetic with SAACKE burners. In this manner residues replace fossil fuels, saving energy and disposal costs – all thanks to low-emissions low-NOx burners.

The SAACKE portfolio includes:

  • Burners and combustion plants for gaseous by-products with low heat values, for example lean gas or formalin gas
  • Burners and combustion plants for liquid by-products with low heat values, for example glycerin or molasses
  • Burners and combustion plants for pulverized by-products such as wood sanding dust and pulverized lignite
  • Turnkey plants for disposing of residues in the chemical industry, for example vent gases or liquid residues

Combusting gaseous residues

SAACKE has developed the SSB-LCG swirl burner series for combustion of gaseous fuels with low heat values. These gases accumulate during the production of raw iron ore as furnace gases, for example.

SAACKE offers a number of burner types for using biogas, which is produced as a by-product in many different industries: Both steam pressure atomizers of the DDZG series and SKVG-series rotary cup atomizers can be used for combustion of biogas. The TEMINOX GL series of pressure atomizers is in use in numerous plants for co-combustion of biogas.

SAACKE offers several solutions for making use of refinery gas for energetic use. The TF-DDZG series of steam pressure atomizers (ultra-low NOx burners, on water-tube boilers) is the preferred solution in this case, but the SKVG series is also excellently suited as an alternative, especially on shell boilers. The same applies to (practically pure) hydrogen, which accumulates during the electrolysis of chlorine, for example, as an unpurified by-product.

Combusting liquid by-products

The SKV-SF from the SKVG series allows you to use a wide range of liquid by-products with high heat values, for example animal fat, bio oil, BPA, styrene, fusel oil, canola oil and unpurified cooking oil and cooking fat. Use of residues also brings savings on fossil fuels as well as reduced emission values.

With the swirl burner series SSB-LCL, SAACKE offers an attractive solution for making use of liquid residues with low heat values. In addition to polymer solutions and waste water concentrate, this burner is also able to combust molasses and vinasse in an ecologically friendly manner. These residues accumulate in the production of bioethanol or soy products. This SAACKE solution allows you to save 80% of the fossil fuels previously required to produce bioethanol.

Combusting pulverized residues

Swirl burner series SSB-D makes the energetic use of pulverized industrial by-products, for example petroleum coke, wood dust, wood sanding dust or coffee husks possible. Conventional pulverized fuels such as lignite or hard coal can also be used. Regardless of whether the by-products that accumulate are fossil or non-fossil products, with high or low heat values, they can be used industrially with an SSB-D, both in drying processes and to generate steam in water-tube boilers. The special process technology ensures especially good burnout together with very low NOx emissions.

Using by-products in turnkey plants

If you need more than "just" one burner, SAACKE still has exactly what's right for you: SAACKE offers you complete plants which make use of residues, and meet the highest environmental standards.

For example, if flue gas flows need to be disposed of in the chemical industry, SAACKE combines this with effective use of heat, either as thermal oil or steam for your production. If there are other liquid residues present they can be included in the system as additional energy sources. Do the residues contain organic nitrogen? SAACKE has the technology to keep NOx emissions at a minimum level, either with optimized stage combustion or SNCR technology, depending on constraints.

Of course in all cases the emphasis is on optimally integrating the extracted heat into your process. This is where the expertise of SAACKE's engineers pays off!

What are residues and by-products?

Residues are substances that accumulate in industrial production as by-products, for example in the steel industry, food industry or chemical industry. Many such residues accumulate, from animal fat through lean gases to wood dust. These residues must be disposed of in an ecologically responsible manner in accordance legal requirements. SAACKE has developed various technologies which make the energetic use of residues possible. This means double savings for you: You avoid disposal costs on the one hand while lowering energy costs on the other hand because expensive primary fuels are replaced. In many cases there is also a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.