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GTA additional combustion systems

Generating electricity with a gas turbine and producing steam with your hot flue gas is environmentally friendly and efficient – in principle. In practice, however, combination processes of this type only achieve a fuel efficiency of about 75% and leave considerable reserves unused. A GTA additional combustion system between the turbine and waste heat boiler recycles the residual oxygen in the turbine fuel gas. It improves the fuel efficiency of the plant to more than 96%.

The SAACKE portfolio includes:

  • Burners and combustion plants for waste heat and water-tube boilers and for isolated combustion chambers with downstream flue gas heat exchangers
  • Burners and combustion plants for heating turbine flue gases in power plants and for heating process air in drying plants
  • Customized arrangements / designs by customer request
  • Use of proven standard burners for gaseous and liquid fuels

Use of gas turbine flue gas in a reasonable way

In principle, GTA additional combustion systems are available for both surface burners (GDG series) and steam pressure atomizer burners (for example the DDZG A and DDZG GT series) in various configurations. They are always individually customized to the gas turbine plant and also make efficient use of small spaces.

SAACKE offers 40 years of experience in this area and a wide range of proven solutions that can be perfectly adapted to any plant. Neither high GTA temperatures of up to 650°Celsius nor especially low pressures of just a few mbar downstream from the turbine represent an obstacle to make use of valuable energy in the flue gas.

In addition to simultaneously combined operation of turbine and burner, individual operation of both components is also possible. In any case, a sophisticated control unit ensures the optimum operating point of the burner, complete burnout and the lowest emission values. From a simple emergency combustion system to hard continuous operation with 4 burners and 160 MW, SAACKE's GTA technology always guarantees the highest availability and a very long service life.